Although William is not of the social standing of a sector Duke he is in command of the sector. He succeeded to the title after the death of his father Ezikeiel in a accident.

William himself, is named after his father but has not chosen to go by that name. He is the only child of Ezikeiel and Corina. He spent time in college barely graduating and spent one term in the Imperial Navy before embarking on a governmental career. He spent two terms working at a minor government post before being picked by his father to work at Tranquility Station. Which he did for nearly eight years before the incident in 1203.

Duke William tends to be a loner with few friends. His friends however are very close and true to him. He is also devoted to his wife Alesia and his two sons.

Some have said that he imparts a air of snobbish about him and that he is aloof.

The Duke tends to wear dark blue at all time.

The Dukes only vice is his love of entomology and he has been known to spend lots of money for people to bring him specimens if not pursueing the specimens himself.



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