house cards

house cards- Allow me to introduce the “House card” from the House of Games. These cards in denominations of $5, $10, and $20 act as cash within the store with the some restrictions. They need to be used in their entirety in a purchase. For example you buy a $20 item and with tax it comes to $21.75. You may use any combination of your cards to make it to $20 and you pay the taxes, but you cannot use a $20 and $5 house card and expect to get money back.

How do you get one of these or multiple cards you may ask? By preordering product before it becomes available will be the primary way to get one or more. How much you get is determined by the SRP price of the products.

  • $25-50 is a $5 house card
  • $51-80 is a $10 house card
  • $81-100 is a $20 house card
  • Over $125 is a second $20 house card

You may stack a pre-order purchase to get a card. For example, there is are 2 $15 items that you wish to preorder, individually you would not get a card for either one but if you purchased the two together you would be given a $5 card to use in the future.

To get the cards, the preorders must come in the month or two before the items are actually due. The deadline is the first day of the month that the product will come in. So during December you can actually preorder anything in January or February. On January first those items listed as coming in January will no longer be eligible for the cards.

We are doing this to help us be more efficient with our ordering and to thank you folks for making a commitment before the product is out.

house cards

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