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Alliance-a loose association of planets under the control of Vanos Ekiener

Ahoygga-Nicknamed Stumps by the humans. The Ahoygga are a 2.5 meter tall humanoid, weigh on an average of 150 kilograms. The Ahoygga are ominores. They have 4 legs and 4 arms and four sets of optic nerves, ears and mouths coming from one central brain. Their upper torso is roughly cube shaped with a flat top which a tough fiberous material similiar to hair is. The Ahoygga have two sexes. They come from Maatac in the Law Subsector.

Character generation for a Ahoygga-STR +6, DX +2, CN +6, SS -3, EDU -3, PSI -3, +4 Natural Armor, Fort save +5 Favored Classes Barbarian, Army, Gain two weapon feat at generation, Eyes in back of head, Experience point penalty 3,000 armor costs are x2

Ahoygga-classic traveller. They gain a +2 to str and end, -2 to edu and social standing. they have natural armor mesh. Natural skill of survival 1

ALPHA-home sector of the alphans.

Boneyard-Storage facility for excess Imperial military vessels. They are powered down and tethered down in orbit. The ships can be activated and the process takes about one week. In general the older vessel are put in storage. The two boneyards in the sector are Enlil at LAW and Antiem-Modron.

Chamax-Size Medium, Type hunter, Stamina, 12, life blood 12, Initiative 2 Attack 2, Flee 19, Ac 15, AR 5, Speed 12M Attacks +9/3 bite Damage 2d6,

Clo-a plant indigenous to Aurthur. Clo is a cotton-like plant that is a yellow in color, its threads separate easier than cotton and no seeds within the threads.

Chell-A aromatic plant. It absorbs unpleasant odors and gives off a pleasant scent. Indigenous to Aurthur.

Xixchil-Alien race insectoid in appearance. The race tends to specialize in genetic modification and prosthesis.

Biots-Race of beings genetically altered to become living weapons. Rumors that the Alphans created them to be protectors of the Alpha sector.

BROTHERHOOD-nickname for the sector of space the Neogi live.

Antiem (Modron 203} naval prison planet

Neogi- a smallish race of merchants who control the brotherhood sectors of space. Nicknamed “spiders” by the humans, the Neogi are vicious in their dealings with races outside their sphere. Favored class Merchants. Character generation-+2 STR, +4 DX, +2 CN,

Tags-members of the Imperial military have implants placed behind their left ear. These tags work as communications and Ids for each member. the tags are nearly indestructable and unbreakable.

Classic traveller-

Illithid- Nicknamed “squids” by the humans. The Illithids control the Unity subsector. They are natural born psionists and have a strong desire to expand their sphere of influence. FSavored Class Scientist. +2 STR, +4 DX, +2CN, +8 INT, +6 CHA +6, W +6 +3 Natural AC

INDEPENDENT-Independent star systems not part of any particular alliance or organization. Some planets are wooed by various factions and powers and may have things that various powers desire.

Red zone Anything marked with a designation of a Red Zone is off limits to anybody without special permission. Penalties may vary by degree of Red Zone.

Amber zone A Travellers aid Society warning that you are taking a risk when you visit a place with such a designation.

UNITY- Subsector of space where the Squids come from.

library data

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