The Neogi are race of arachnids. Their society is three pronged. The three primary functions are trader, soldier and worker. The merchants work in groups of three for their lifetimes. There is a superior and two subordinates. Each subordinate has a specific function. The soldier works in groups of three also. There are two subordinates. Each superior is subordinate to a larger leader.

The workers supply the offspring. There are three sexes, male, female, and egg bearer. Each egg bearer will bear between 30-60 eggs. After the eggs hatch, a group of workers separate the eggs and will genetically imprint them with the needs of the community.

The Neogi are psionically resistant to surface thoughts.

Due to Neogi physiology, the ships have twice as many crew. They use both the floor and ceiling for business.

Neogi characters +2dx, +2 int
Classic Traveller +1dx, +1edu

Neogi characters use dex for climb and jump checks.

If cornered without weapons a neogi may bite doing poison damage.


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