-1418 Morgans Find is charted by the Solomani scout cruiser Tiburon with Jochaim Morgan in command. The Tiburon meet the spiders and realize that they are a trading partner and sign some preliminary agreements. The Solomani at the time of the treaty are unaware of the squids because the spiders fail to tell them of their wars with them. The Solomani are told of the Alphans though.

-1410 the first colony in the Law Subsector is started. It is on Extern a agricultural planet. Colonization is continued for the next 400 years.

-1000 the long night begins and many of the colonies cease to exist. Others move to other planets. The Law sub-sector comes under the control of the Enlightened Soul movement and implements severe restrictions to its inhabitants, while the other subsectors resist them. The squids attempt to take over the territories surrounding the Spiders and are repulsed. The Enlightened Soul movement then bans contacts with all non human races. This causes a dispute with the spiders for them contract is a contract. So the spiders begin a merchant war with the Law and Teku sub sectors.

The merchant wars are less about physically destroying the enemy but more about bankrupting them. The war ends in a stalemate with neither side accomplishing much but distain for each other.

The end of the long night came about through Civil wars with the Law and Teku sub-sectors. The enlighten Soul movement is banished as an organization except for the planet Thor(0306) which is set up a place for those who wish to worship Enlighten Soul.

Many of the planets in the region have kept strong restrictions on personal items.

0 the squids and spiders go to war again over the territory in the Cavoral and Feldna sub-sectors. The independents and Imperials support both sides. The war lasts some thirty years. The war ends 50 with a stalemate.

500 Full trade again begins with the Solomani

700 The independents of Corribus and Watson declare that the United planets of Corribus is a confederation with claimed membership by all the worlds of the sectors. The Spiders announce free trade with this confederation. The Imperials declare the confederation as a war state and move to stop any trade with them and attempt to blockade key worlds. The spiders move to aid the UPC and the spider-Imperial war breaks out again.

720- the spider imperial war ends with the dissolution of the UPC. Each planet is allowed to create its own trade deal.

1003 the Solomani surrender Morgans Find as a result of the Solomani-Vilani rim war and the territory becomes imperial.

1117 the sector receives the news of the Emperors assassination and put the fleets on war footing. In response, the Spiders, Squids and Independents go to war footing also.

1125 General warfare breaks out among all the major factions and goes on for a period of 10 years. The war is brutal and is only stopped when the Alphans go to each of the inhabitants and impose their will on all.

1135 The sides agree to create a central meeting place code named tranquility and it was set within the Seiko sub-sector Lazeby (0703)

1175 The independent planets announce a new confederation. It is named the Alliance of planets and its first president is name Vanos Ekienger.

1180 The Alphans withdraw from Tranquility

1205 current date


Morgans find outrider