At the Conference of Star systems in 1135, it was decided that a central place to meet was needed. The Alphans pressed for it to be in the Seiko Sector and donated funds to start it. The other races agreed to it though some of them were relucant to donate any funds to it.

Construction of the station to be named Tranquility was started in 1138 and took a period of 16 years to build. There were attempts by unknown elements to destroy the station but all failed and the station opened to great ceremony in 1154.

The station itself is a 3 million ton dispersed structure. Many of the races comment it as looking like a tree. There is a central structure nicknamed the trunk. It contains most of the social, political and economic functions of the place. The branches are for the living quarters of the various races. The station contains several squadrons of SDBs which are run by the imperials, who also crew the station.

All the races supply at least one ship to protect the station. Again the imperials are in nominal charge of this fleet but there hasn’t been a chance to test the situation.

SEIKO 0803 Lazeby-A696977-A I GAS


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