I ran this campaign via classic traveller and Megatraveller for several years until real life caught up. I mostly ran it as a merchant campaign in the upper sections but have the titles of the big bad guys listed but never completely figured out. I tried to go to the D20 traveller but have stopped that project in favor of original Traveller. Savage worlds is also an option. Im not sure which way I will go now. I found Traveller 5 too cumbersome to use.

Morgans Find is a sector of space out towards the galactic rim. It is broken into the standard 16 subsectors. The upper four are imperial territory as well as parts of the upper middle subsectors. There is a starfaring empire code named brotherhood by the imperials and features the Neogi-(Spiders) as the main race and competition for the imperials.

The bottom half consists of independent planets and confederacies that are threaten by the Unity empire which consists of the Illithids (Squids). Out towards the galactic rim is the little known Alphans who are said to be far above the tech levels of the other races in the sector.

Morgans find

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