Morgans find

In the beginning


SEIKO/LAZEBY 0803 TRANQUILITY STATION-The Neogi Ambassador stood before the assemblage and openly complained of the trade restrictions between the Brotherhood and the Imperium.

SEIKO/LAZEBY 0803 TRANQUILITY STATION-Tomas Kulafa of the Imperium and Irene Bourmont of the Alliance both spoke on the need for peace between the borders between the Alliance and the Imperium. There have been a series of incidents on the edges of the borders, mostly pertaining to pirating and unauthorized transit plans as well as allegations of spying at the edges of the Law and Corribus Subsectors, at the Beckert, Taggart and Crux Arsis connection and at the Eport, Labelle connection.

CORRIBUS/EPORT 0201-A series of mysterious explosions just outside the orbit of its gas giant Ichon and which could be seen with the assistance of lens was reported and could be noted in all parts of Eport. The explosions were at different times and from several places in the night sky. The ruling class has not commented on it.

LAW/ELAD 0107-The core shell of the naval station has passed phase one and the station will go through an class upgrade to C soon. Eventually the station will become a A class station.



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