character generation


The character generation will be 4d6 take the best three, roll 10 stats and drop one. The homeworld background will be as per the book until I do a generation table.

Races allowed human, Lurani, Vargr, Aslan, Virushi, Ahoygga. others as they are developed.

classes all

Ahoygga-Nicknamed Stumps by the humans. The Ahoygga are a 2.5 meter tall humanoid, weigh on an average of 150 kilograms. The Ahoygga are ominores. They have 4 legs and 4 arms and four sets of optic nerves, ears and mouths coming from one central brain. Their upper torso is roughly cube shaped with a flat top which a tough fiberous material similiar to hair is. The Ahoygga have two sexes. They come from the planet xxx and

Character generation for a Ahoygga-STR +6, DX +2, CN +6, SS -3, EDU -3, PSI -3, +4 Natural Armor, Fort save +5 Favored Classes Barbarian, Army, Gain two weapon feat at generation, Eyes in back of head, Experience point penalty 3,000 armor costs are x2

CLASSIC TRAVELLER GENERATION-Standard character generation from any of the books or supplements for all the named Traveller races. The Ahoygga, the spiders(neogi), the Squids(illithids) are generated per the traveller classes with changes that will be detailed later.

character generation

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