A year is 308 days in length. The average planetary temp is 18C for the summer and -30C in the winter. The axial tilt makes the difference between the summers and winters. The planet exports liquor, wood, grains, spices and fruit. The grain is of a particularly tough variety.

The population of the planet is 355,000 and although much of the population lives within four major centers there are farm complexes throughout the planet.

The average tech level is 5 although there are spots that are higher, particularly in the agricultural industry. Some of the bigger farms are at tech 8.

Currently the the starport is of poor grade E, A class C starport is under construction for increasing exports and imports.

The world is under a single council who elect a president for a single six year term. The council is made up of the farm combines and other leaders of different districts. These members serve a 4 year term and can be reelected many times. The current president is Jonas Keisterberg who engineered the deal in his first year of presidency.

Extern is the closest planet to the sun and has three moons. There are two gas giants in the system, both roughly the same size. The closer one has 7 moons while the outer one has two sets of rings and 7 other satellites.

the people of Extern have an extra sensitivity to the environment and wish to make sure that anything built can be recycled and reused.


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